Prairie Billboards - Permanent Billboards

Permanent Billboards

Long and short-term space with production service and installation to suit your needs within Saskatchewan.

Prairie Billboards - Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboards

We offer unique services across the western provinces of mobile billboards, used for point-of-purchase advertising.

Prairie Billboards - Billboard Truck Unit

Billboard Truck Unit

A great marketing tool for short-term rentals such as trade shows and special events.

Prairie Billboards - Mini Billboards

Mini Billboards

We offer these billboards for long or short-term rentals. A great alternative when space is a factor.

Welcome to Prairie Billboards Ltd.

Prairie Billboards - Who We Are

Who We Are

Prairie Billboards Ltd. is a privately owned and operated company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The principal owners and operators have been in the outdoor advertising industry in Saskatchewan for 20 years and have streamlined our business to concentrate on the rural billboard rental and service aspect of outdoor advertising.

Prairie Billboards - What We Do

What We Do

The focus of our business involves the installation and long or short term rental space on our permanent billboard structures located throughout Saskatchewan. Prairie Billboards works with new and existing customers in establishing new locations to meet certain needs of locations based on individual demands.

Prairie Billboards - Where We Are

Where We Are

We are able to provide our customers with a wealth of knowledge in the rural markets of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba to meet your company's outdoor needs. We also provide rental space on our mobile billboards across the Prairie Provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba to meet certain customers’ demands.